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What We're All About

Sivagamiammal International Public School (CBSE) is  is one of the finest International schools in Krishnagiri – District,Orappam(Village) Tamil Nadu with its mission to provide quality and world class International education. The School is located in the Chennai Express Highways with pleasant atmosphere.

The mission of the school is to prepare students for the growing demands of tomorrow keeping in mind the need to mold a generation of young children with knowledge, character, truth, genuinely cultivated spirit of service and far-reaching imagination.
The vision of the school is “FITNESS FOR PURPOSE” by Creating a brand equity and brand image by carrying out activities underlying with the motto “KNOWLEDGE, LOVE AND SERVICE.”


Chairman & Founder

The Sivagamiammal International Public School (CBSE) Central Govt. Order No. CBSE Delhi /AFF / 1931061/SL – 1920 is established in 2015 is a standing testimony to the wisdom and farsighted of The Legendary of Humanitarianism Thiru. N.Kumaran, B.Sc., M.Com., M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., TCH., a farsighted renowned academician and caters the need of rural sector for higher education. Discipline and Academic Excellence are Hall Mark of this Institution.

Thiru. N.Kumaran, B.Sc., M.Com., M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., TCH.,
Founder & Chairman